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Northern Diamonds, a purveyor of ethical and sustainable diamond jewellery, needed business branding and a new e-commerce website that reflected their products' luxury, modernity, and minimalist style. Rex Marketing took on this challenge with enthusiasm and commitment, resulting in a visually stunning website and compelling branding that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Northern Diamonds - A Shining Example of Branding and Web Design

Dina Broadhurst Project Overview

Our primary task was to design a new logo and branding for Northern Diamonds that exuded luxury in a minimalist, modern style. We then translated this branding into the design and construction of an e-commerce website. The focus was on creating large, stunning visuals that enhance the user experience and drive sales.

Goals & Objectives

We conducted in-depth market research to understand industry trends and competitor strategies. This research informed our design approach, enabling us to create branding that both matched the industry standard and stood out in the crowd. The website design emphasized oversized imagery and videos to showcase the beauty of Northern Diamonds' products. We also prioritized SEO from the outset, weaving it into every aspect of the website to maximize visibility in a competitive market.

Approach & Strategy

As a startup, Northern Diamonds presented us with a blank canvas. We had to create both the branding and website design from scratch, working closely with the client to ensure the final products were exactly what they envisioned. Additionally, the organic search traffic in the jewelry industry is highly competitive. To tackle this, we crafted a meticulous SEO strategy to increase the website's visibility and competitiveness.


The outcome was a stunning website that showcases Northern Diamonds' products in the best possible light. Our SEO strategy has resulted in a healthy influx of organic traffic, a testament to the value of a thoughtful, data-driven approach to website development.

Outcomes & Results

The client was thrilled with the result. Montanna, the founder of Northern Diamonds, said, "My experience with Rex Marketing was fantastic. We worked closely together to create my dream website. I will certainly be using the team again for my other businesses."

Client's Feedback

This project highlighted the importance of deep market research in understanding competitors and industry trends. It not only informed our design approach but also underscored the need for a carefully considered SEO strategy in a highly competitive market. Every project provides an opportunity to learn and refine our approach, and this was no exception. We look forward to applying these learnings in future projects.

Key Learnings & Takeaways

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