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We set out on a culinary adventure with FEEST, a vibrant plant-based meal delivery service. The goal was to modernise the businesses name and branding, followed by the creation of a sleek, user-friendly website. What followed was an exciting journey that transformed not only FEEST's online presence but also the way customers engage with this innovative brand.

Revamping the Culinary Experience: FEEST's Brand Transformation and Website Overhaul

FEEST Project Overview

FEEST aimed to refresh its brand identity to stand out in the market. They also desired a visually appealing and user-friendly website that resonated with their clientele. The project encompassed everything from brand naming to site creation on Wix's Editor X platform, and Rex Marketing delivered on every front.

Goals & Objectives

Our approach combined creativity and technical know-how. We produced FEEST's marketing material, from flyers to packaging, breathing new life into their brand. In building the website, we integrated a subscription service, adding a layer of customer convenience. Constant communication via WhatsApp ensured regular updates, questions, and answers. We also contributed creative copywriting to several website sections.

Approach & Strategy

Starting from scratch, we transitioned product data from FEEST's old site to the new, preserving valuable SEO. The implementation of a subscription service added complexity but also immense value to the business.


The final product was a triumph of design and functionality. The new branding is recognisable and engaging, while the website is an inviting, intuitive space for customers to explore. The client's WhatsApp message said it all: "Adam, thanks again for the effort you guys have put in - it looks amazing and we are so happy with the final product."

Outcomes & Results

The relationship with FEEST continues to blossom as we assist with digital marketing across Meta and Google. The project's success lays the foundation for ongoing collaboration and growth.

Going Forward

The FEEST project was a showcase of comprehensive brand transformation, from naming to website creation, and everything in between. Open communication, adaptability, and a clear understanding of the client's vision were central to the success of this project. The experience has further solidified our approach to holistic brand development, leaving us eager for the next challenge.

Key Learnings & Takeaways

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