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In this case study, we delve into the journey Rex Marketing embarked on with popular, Sydney-based artist Dina Broadhurst, demonstrating how we modernized her website while simultaneously honouring her unique artistic vision.

A Masterpiece of Design: The Website Transformation of Artist Dina Broadhurst

Dina Broadhurst Project Overview

Our mission with Dina Broadhurst was to revamp her existing website, aligning it closely with her minimalist aesthetic and making it more user-friendly. The task at hand was to construct a fresh site from scratch using Wix's Editor X platform, an upgrade from her self-built Squarespace site. Our main goal was to improve the site's overall look and feel without sacrificing its performance or losing any organic search traffic.

Goals & Objectives

Starting with a clean slate, our strategy was to build the site up with a user-experience-first perspective, ensuring that the design was mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. We maintained regular contact with Dina throughout the process, as we knew that her specific aesthetic was crucial to the project's success. We adopted a minimalist, less-is-more approach, carefully adding blank space where possible to exude a sense of luxury and elegance.

Approach & Strategy

One of our biggest challenges was migrating all the products from the old site to the new one, which involved some significant price changes. Because the previous site had a substantial amount of organic search traffic, we also had to ensure we followed the correct SEO procedures to minimize the impact on search ranking and visibility.


Upon launching the new site, we immediately received positive feedback, with no noticeable decline in organic search traffic. In fact, we noticed an uplift in the site's conversion rate, largely due to the optimized user experience and streamlined purchase pathway. Dina's followers were thrilled with the new design, with many of them expressing their admiration on her social media accounts.

Outcomes & Results

"Incredible communication and service with a finished website exactly as I dreamed. Exceptional level of understanding of what would be best for my business to grow while staying true to my aesthetic and fine-tuning it to the slickest look. I’m so proud of my website's final product and have had such wonderful feedback and user experience. I must also add the level of service and guidance with anything that comes up after the website is live is 10/10. Thank you, Rex Marketing!"

Client's Feedback

This project reaffirmed the importance of open, frequent communication in ensuring that we were able to meet the client's needs and keep the project on track. The luxurious, minimalist, and spacious design approach we used for Dina's site has since inspired other projects. The successful completion of this project demonstrated our ability to deliver a high-quality, custom website while remaining true to the client's unique vision.

Key Learnings & Takeaways

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