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We understand the unique needs of small businesses and startups. Our services are designed to give your brand a competitive edge with custom web design, targeted ad campaigns, and impactful graphic design - all enriched with smart AI insights to optimise your success.

The digital agency built for small business

Your vision, our expertise. Let's grow your business together.


Get a fancy-looking, high-converting website like this one. Whether you're starting from scratch or revamping your existing site, we can help.


Web Design & Build

We're specialists in the world of paid Meta (Facebook & Insta) and Google Ads. SMM, PPC, SEM, GMB... you name the acronym, we've got it covered. 


Performance Marketing

From business branding and logo design to scroll-stoppingly good advert creative.


Graphic Design

Don't get left behind. We can help you harness the transformative power of artificial intelligence to streamline your business operations, automate complex tasks and refine your processes, freeing up valuable time for you to concentrate on core business activities.


AI Automation & Consultancy

What we're about...


Following an extensive career in marketing and with a first-class Business Enterprise degree under his belt, our founder Adam had the vision to combine his two major passions by launching Rex Marketing in mid-2020, with the promise of providing digital marketing expertise at prices affordable to small or start-up businesses. The business was aptly named after another of Adam's passions - his fur-baby, Rex the Cavoodle (check our insta for cute pup pics). 

We're technically the new kids on the block, but we're here to shake things up... in a good way.


During these challenging times, it's never been more important for businesses to advertise themselves in a cost-effective manner, and we're passionate about providing that service to small or start-up companies across the globe. 

With years of experience in the digital marketing realm, and a hunger to help small businesses succeed, we're the perfect solution to your digital marketing needs. We promise you'll get the big agency service, without the big agency fees!

Fueling Your Online Growth with Expertise and Passion


Rex Marketing brings a fusion of expert digital marketing and a commitment to small business triumphs. Expect premium, big-agency service minus the big price tag as we champion your online ascent.

What our clients are saying


Dina Broadhurst

Artist, Business Owner

Delivered a dream website with impeccable service and aftercare, perfectly blending business growth needs with a sleek aesthetic, garnering great feedback and user experience.

Issac Elnakave

CEO, 1 Question

Adam and the team at Rex Marketing are awesome to work with. Deep domain knowledge, responsive and committed. If you get a chance to work with this agency, don't hesitate.

Montanna Ferris

Founder, Parlour Dala & Nortern Diamonds

My experience with Rex Marketing was fantastic. We worked closely together to create my dream website. I will certainly be using the team again for my other businesses.

You're probably


  • What kind of digital marketing services does Rex Marketing offer?
    Rex Marketing offers comprehensive digital marketing services, including custom web design and development, targeted paid advertising campaigns (like Facebook and Google Ads), and creative graphic design services to enhance your brand's visibility and appeal.
  • How does Rex Marketing integrate AI into digital marketing?
    We leverage AI to provide smarter marketing solutions, such as predictive analytics for campaign performance, automated content personalization, and efficient ad targeting to maximize your ROI.
  • Can small businesses really benefit from AI in marketing?
    Absolutely! AI can help small businesses compete more effectively by automating tasks, providing insightful data, and personalizing customer interactions, which can lead to better decision-making and growth.
  • Are AI services expensive?
    We believe in making AI marketing solutions accessible. Our services are priced to be affordable for small and startup businesses, ensuring you get top-tier AI integration without the hefty price tag.
  • Will I be able to manage my website on my own after it's built?
    Yes, our web design and build services include training for you and your team to manage the website independently, with support from us whenever you need it.
  • What makes Rex Marketing different from other digital marketing agencies?
    Our unique combination of digital marketing expertise, dedication to small businesses, and now, AI innovation, sets us apart. We provide elite-level services and practical solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget.

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