Three Ways Digital Marketing Benefitted Small Businesses During The Global Pandemic

Updated: Mar 20

The year 2020, the longest year of the past decade and we are still recuperating from the effects of the global pandemic. And for most, the situation hasn’t gotten any better! It is not just individuals who are affected, businesses have also taken a major hit.

Unlike large businesses, who had the capital to face the challenge of declining economy and resources, small businesses and start-ups lost their momentum of growth completely. In most cases traditional offline marketing, which was previously the go-to method of promotion for small businesses, was no longer viable.

But when times get darker, there is always a ray of hope. And digital marketing was the knight in shining armour for most small businesses. The majority of people used online resources to procure products and services during the pandemic. This gave small businesses a great platform to reach their potential customers without going anywhere.

Over the past year, several small businesses have taken their business online, and rightly so. Digital marketing has given businesses a new and enhanced way to exploit the online market. Let’s see how it has helped small businesses in these bleak times.

Enhanced Analysis

Digital marketing provided small businesses with a way to enhance their analysis of the market and customer response. Most small businesses were able to understand that during this global pandemic, the needs of the customer changed.

For example, since people couldn’t go out of their homes, they wanted everything to be delivered right to their doorstep. This meant most businesses needed to offer home delivery options on their website, along with adequate resources.

Digital marketing is unique in that it also provides a much deeper insight into consumer behaviour. Is there a skew towards a particular gender in those who click your ads? What time of day are people most likely to engage with your brand? Which particular words or images strike a chord with your target audience? All of these questions and more are answerable through the analysis of a digital marketing campaign’s performance.

Reaching More Customers

Since the internet is available 24/7 all around the world, small businesses were able to interact with customers beyond borders and time zones. With a functional business website built by professional web designers and adequate digital promotion, small businesses interacted with new customers and markets.

This gave small businesses, previously reliant on face-to-face trade a chance to jumpstart their journey towards growth and expansion into new markets.

With the ability to target the demographics and interests specific to business needs, companies are able to serve adverts to more of the customers they’re looking for. It’s quality AND quantity!

Low Cost-Higher Reach

That’s right! If you thought digital marketing was too expensive for your business, you were wrong! Digital marketing doesn’t require much monetary investment but gives you better results if executed properly.

Compared to traditional offline marketing, the return on investment in digital marketing is typically higher. With that in mind, digital marketing campaigns can be tailored to suit the budgets of most small or start-up businesses, whilst still delivering effective results.

In this global pandemic, these reasons make digital marketing an attractive outlet for business promotion. It’s no secret, that digital marketing is here to stay, so you might as well make use of it!

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