Three Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 You Can Tap Into

Updated: Mar 20

During the current pandemic, most businesses have had to change the way they operate. The majority of them have started working remotely without compromising on performance and efficiency. Even in 2021, it’s likely that most of these businesses will continue to work remotely and provide their services digitally.

However, the biggest question that lies in front of these businesses is finding efficient ways of reaching their potential customers. Offline marketing continues to become an increasingly less viable option for promotion, and that’s where digital marketing comes into play.

With effective digital marketing, any business can harness the potential of the internet to promote its services and products in the market.

Expect digital marketing as the new normal for business promotion and get on board with the latest digital marketing trends of 2021.

Social Media Engagement

During the pandemic, research showed a significant increase in the number of hours individuals were spending on social media. This increased screen time leads to more and more digital interactions with local and global businesses. Hence, there’s never been a better time to run social media adverts!

Attractive and eye-catching social media adverts are a great way to engage your long-time customers as well as new customers. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get effective results. With incredibly granular targeting capabilities, campaigns can be delivered to your target audience on a surprisingly low budget!

Local SEO and Verified Local Listings

Another thing that businesses can do to enhance their digital presence is verifying local listings and executing a local SEO strategy. This is important because if you want more business, you need to bring in customers at your stand-in stores.

Local SEO and Google listings will do the job for you. This listing will provide crucial information to your local customer especially the opening and closing times which are constantly changing during this pandemic. Also, the geographical location in your local listing will affect your digital presence. This is one of the key factors in attracting customers to your business.

Adequate Segmentation Improves Retention

When it comes to digital marketing, don’t confuse your existing customers with new ones. It is easier to retain existing customers but difficult to hook the new customers. But it is not entirely impossible!

Existing and happy customers will communicate about the brand with their colleagues, friends, and family. They will also provide referrals and honest feedback about the brand. So, keeping them informed about any changes in your brand is crucial.

You can achieve that by email marketing, social media adverts, and brand campaigns. This is the most cost-effective way to segment and retain your customers.

Digital marketing is going to be the quintessential way to promote businesses in 2021 and the upcoming years. And you can get smart digital marketing services with us here at Rex Marketing.

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